Friday, November 03, 2017

Lovely 35mm Film Screening o’ the Week in LA

Here’s what's in store for LA 35mm film screening lovers this week. And some digital.

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(You may want to note the current entries in the “Latin American Cinema in Los Angeles” series at UCLA/Downtown Independent, or the Arpa International Film Festival at the Egyptian, or foreign-language Oscar submissions at the Aero.)

Aero Theatre
Singing in the Rain (1952, Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen)
Sat. Nov. 4 7:30 pm
Oh, darn, it’s in DCP. Well, still great! Always enjoyed seeing a musical on the big screen at the Aero.

UCLA Film & TV Archive
Romance tropical (1934, Juan E. Viguié)
Sat. Nov. 4 7:30 pm
Puerto Rico’s first-ever sound film. More timely than ever, what a wondrous opportunity to go see a historic film from Puerto Rico on 35mm! “The film presents a parable of colonialist exploitation of third world peoples, ironically wrapped in an exotic adventure narrative.”

New Beverly
McQ (1974, John Sturges)
Brannigan (1975, Douglas Hickox)
Wed Nov. 8 7:30 pm and 9:50 pm
Thur Nov. 9 7:30 pm and 9:50 pm
This is kind of in the "movies I would never usually watch" category, but in 35mm, and at the super-fun New Beverly, I am interested to see these very late John Wayne movies which I never took a gander at before. I guess this is his detective phase. Again, seen zero of those. Plus McQ is an I.B. Technicolor print. (Something which nerdy film people care about A LOT regarding the color process.)

NOTE: The Egyptian’s listings weren’t super updated and they perhaps may add more, so check their site.

Coming Next Week

Downtown Independent (w/Los Angeles Film Forum)
Amérika Trilogy, part 1: Bolivar, Tropikal Symphony (1979, Diego Rísquez)
Wed. Nov. 15 8:00 pm
This is an experimental film, the first Super 8 film to be selected for the Directors Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. This trilogy is about the real and mythical histories of the Latin American continent. Sounds very interesting. Director Diego Rísquez in person at these, a filmmaker from Venezuela. Here the Super 8 has been blown up to 35mm. Part 2 is Nov. 19 at the Autry Museum at 4:00 pm, and Part 3 is Nov. 20 at REDCAT at 8:00 pm.

New Beverly
The Female Bunch (1971, Al Adamson)
The Murder Gang (1976, Al Adamson)
Tue. Nov. 14 7:30pm/9:25pm
These sound like pure grindhouse fare, if you’re into it. Both have Russ Tamblyn in them. The first is a western where the women live by their own rules and features the final screen performance of Lon Chaney Jr. The second is a Las Vegas cop gone a bit badass while trying to fight Russ Tamblyn’s criminal overlord..!

New Beverly
Mrs. Miniver (1942, William Wyler)
Wed. Nov. 15 2:00 pm
More afternoon classics in 35mm here. (Check schedule for others.) I haven’t seen this, but as 35mm becomes somewhat rare to see projected, it’s great to go see some William Wyler, who is sometimes a stupendous director (I love The Heiress [1949] and Dodsworth [1936]). Seems worth a look if you have the daytime free.

NOTE: The Egyptian’s listings weren’t super updated and they perhaps may add more, so check their site.

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