Friday, April 30, 2010

New Breathless (1960) Trailer

Here is Rialto Pictures' new trailer for Jean-Luc Godard's immortal Breathless (À Bout de souffle) (1960). Subscribe to their YouTube channel...!

It's perhaps a bit sillier than the real movie, but I think it hits all the right nostalgia points for fans of the film. The print looks pristine (at least via YouTube) and the cinematography beautiful, despite Godard making Raoul Coutard shoot it with almost no lighting equipment.

This is one of those prints that makes me think they have made it look better than it did when it came out. This is for the 50th anniversary re-release. Does that make anyone feel old?!

New theatrical trailer for Godard's BREATHLESS, produced in 2010 (for the film's 50th anniversary re-release) by Robert Warmflash Productions for Rialto Pictures. Inspired by Godard's original 1960 French trailer, the new trailer was written and directed by Rialto co-president Bruce Goldstein and edited by Arthur Carlson. The voice-overs are by Marie Loisier (programmer of the Alliance Française in New York) and Sébastien Sanz de Santamaria.

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