Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Infamous Tree Film

Here is a film I made quite a while back (around November 21, 2007) but am only posting now. Much derided, and probably rightly so, I have maintained a bizarre fondness for it.

The film class assignment was to do a film in only three shots, and to think carefully about the cuts. Sensible suggestions included "Action, reaction, consequence," or "Beginning, middle, end (but not necessarily in that order)".

For some reason, my attempts at getting together a narrative film were thwarted, and out of some test footage for one of those narratives, I decided to just experiment with editing and the interplay between sound and image.

Here is the result, the much derided, infamous tree film, known simply as "3-Shot Film".

Please note: 5 seconds of black leader precedes the film, and it is generally not recommended that you hit the HQ button because playback is too slow, and quality seems fine on regular play.

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