Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good Eye

I found these accidentally on YouTube. Seems like they're from a collection of home movies (109 at the moment!), but the guy has a really good eye.

If you are the patient sort of viewer, these will appeal as minimalist cinematic exercises. All our home movies should be this good! Also enjoy the fact that almost no one has seen these, as each film (clip?) has only around 20 viewings or so.

T-Boston Collegue (Metro)

La nouvelle maison de Ksenia 2 (28-06-2008)

Le chien qui nages à L'Ile des Soeurs (11-05-2008)


rarewren said...

Hey, you have a good eye for folks with a good eye. I found these videos very soothing. I also found myself pondering your accidental path to them--how many clicks from what you were looking for to what you found? :) Thanks for sharing!

The Mysterious Ad) B(e;ta[m.a.x. said...

Your first line cracked me up of course. I think I was looking for footage of the T flooding, or just the T for nostalgic reasons from having lived there. So I found the first one and it really hit the spot and also raised my eyebrow because of its length, quiet observant minimalism, and pictorial beauty, so I went looking for more and to get a read on this guy.