Sunday, June 01, 2008


In lieu of a post, here is another short film I made.
(4 ½ mins long.)


Jonathan Lapper said...

I could have used that for the opening of "Frames of Reference" instead of the tracking shot from "Weekend." After watching it on your site I double clicked to go to YouTube, and was happy to discover I was the 68th viewer. Happy because, according to the announcer, the first 100 viewers get a free shrunken head. Sweet! Send mine to 110 Lapper Lane, Cinema Styles Ville, Cinemaland, 00011.

I can't pretend to know your intentions with this film but I enjoyed watching it. Good job as always. Where did you get the voiceover from?

Editor A said...

I was laughing out loud at your request for your free shrunken head. I didn't even think of that! Unfortunately there was a public screening before YouTube, so I'll need to double-check the count and get back to you.

The voice-over is from a vintage commercial on the 88.5 KCSN program "Red Hot with Charmin' Larman" which is an incredible radio program that I highly recommend. (It's music, but he plays vintage exploitation commericals in between.)