Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Making of Killer iPod Comment

Is this brilliant or insane? I lean towards brilliant.

Keep in mind that this is "The Making of Killer iPod Comment", followed immediately by the actual film itself "Killer iPod Comment." And in total it is only 2:23! That's a lot of cinema in one short time span.

For the record, I'm unclear on the "Comment" part of the title. When I saw a screening with the filmmakers IN PERSON (Can you believe it?! I am soooo lucky!!), I thought they introduced it as simply "The Making of Killer iPod."


Dennis Cozzalio said...

The "comment," I think, is the not purposeful but very pointed way the man's fingers seem to position themselves while he's holding the knife. That's my thought, anyway. I love this kind of stuff.

Editor A said...

On their YouTube page they say their video is a comment on someone else's video, Killer iPod, although the person they reference no longer exists on YouTube. Maybe after I saw it in person they changed the title to reference the other video to get more attention.