Friday, August 24, 2007

Unearthing Buried Boetticher

While I don't intend to focus too much energy on sharing the buried treasures I've found on DVD (a subject of an earlier post), but rather to discuss films in a bit more depth, it's still fun and may be of service to some fellow film fans, so here's another one:

Universal's Classic Western Round-up Vol. 2 features two Budd Boetticher films on its second disc, making a nice double feature. Both are in staggeringly beautiful Technicolor, brilliantly restored to an incredibly high quality, which was a big surprise on a set like this, which features few big names or titles.

The Boetticher films are The Cimarron Kid (1952) w/Audie Murphy and The Man from the Alamo (1953) w/Glenn Ford. Once again, the information about who directed these films is not available on, nor is it even listed on the back of the DVD case! (The back can be seen at

It's not for nothing that these are called buried treasures!

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